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LED Christmas Lights          Welcome to Christmas lights.org! This website is devoted to giving you the most info on Christmas lights possible, from general light string information to repair tips to installation ideas. Browse the section below for links to pages containing info on all types of Christmas light products, Mini lights, LED Christmas lights, Icicle lights, Craft lights, Globe lights, and more. We have hands on experience with all the products we will talk about so you can trust you're getting the most accurate info available.

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Types of Christmas Lights

Mini Lights Mini Lights
The classic mini christmas light, learn about these small christmas lights.
LED Christmas lights LED Christmas Lights
Long life and energy saving LED Christmas lights are a great upgrade.
C7, C9 Bulbs C7 & C9 Bulbs
The traditional large christmas bulbs we all know and love!
Icicle Lights Icicle Lights
Quickly and easily decorate any home or business with Icicle lights
Globe Lights Globe Lights
Round Globe or Patio Lights are perfect for year around and weddings or parties!
Craft lights Craft Lights
Mini lights with only one plug are great for glass bottles and glass block craft lights.